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Does "Brand Name" make a difference?


Which one?

Does the brand matter?  

No.  It really doesn't make a difference as far as the skills go.  CPR is CPR, First Aid is First Aid.  Bloodborne pathogens are nasty regardless of which company is providing the training.

All reputable companies (Brands) are based on the same "science" - the studies that determine the best ways to provide emergency care.  The skills taught are essentially the same.

What should you look for?  

  • Try to deal with a "local" (100 miles radius?) training agency - they are familiar with your area, know the local requirements and can best determine your needs.

    Be careful of companies from several states away, or across the country and of companies who want FULL payment up front (a small deposit is not unusual).

  • Look at are the Instructor's qualifications, their experience, and ability to teach
  • Does the class provide adequate time for "hands-on" training?
  • Does the training company have have sufficient supplies and equipment for the class size expected?

    Is the equipment in good/functional condition?

  • Does the trainer propose realistic time frames for the class (you can't teach a quality class in "under an hour")?
  • Look at the student manuals - do they provide the student with complete information - or just an outline and a picture or two.

  • Look at the cost - it will vary by region, class size and content - but is it realistic for what you are getting (materials, time, instructional quality)?

    What is realistic? Consider a three (3)hour class, add about an hour for setup and cleanup, pre/post class time for paperwork, the cost of materials (even for a small class, costs for student texts, and materials can be substantial), and ask yourself what you might charge if it was your time.

  • Primarily, it is the instructor that makes the difference - if they can't teach, and have no experience, all the videos, presentations, hand-outs and books in the world won't make a difference.

    When a question is asked, they must be able to answer it quickly and correctly in terms the student understands

In general, if a recognized brand is used, the brand's materials (books/credential) are provided and used, it comes down to the class instructor.

If the instructor is knowledgeable and adheres to the recommended timeframes and content for the class, you will be well trained and ready to face an emergency situation.